Hanging a Collage of Art

I have a tendency to purchase any and every print, mirror and photograph I find interesting.  Unfortunately, my house only lends a few walls for hanging.

One way to showcase your favorite pieces is to create a wall collage.

Now you can go the easy way and purchase a pre-made package from Target, or you can hone in on this skill.

The first step is to choose the wall.  Next you’ll want to pick out a few pieces you think complement each other well.

A variety of mediums and colors is always a sure bet.  You don’t want to get too crazy with the color scheme, but a few pops of color are great.

As for frames, you’ll want a few similar and a few different.  Depending on your room’s color scheme, mostly black, simple frames with a few silver or ornate ones blends nicely. Varying sizes and shapes is always a plus, but like everything else, less is more.

This collage is in our bedroom. The walls are a grey/tan color and we accent with silver lamps, a funky black and white duvet, and yellow and grey pillows.


The large bee print is by my friend Amanda Heidt, the “Honeybee” print is by Shane and the photograph is a thrift store find [one of my favorites to date].

My husband Shane actually put this collage together.ImageImage


It is all about trial and error.  I recommend waiting to hammer any nails in place until you’re sure.  Especially if you have plaster walls like us.  Just keep rearranging the pieces on the ground or table until you figure out a display you like!



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