DIY Geometric Wall Art

Ok, so this title is the worst, but I don’t really know what else to call it?

Shane and I have been looking for art to fill our walls, but nothing [in our price range] was doing it.

We decided to look up DIY decor and stumbled across this super easy, cheap idea.

This website is super adorable and helpful.

Now I’m gonna be honest, I like theirs a bit better than ours, but this was our first go at it.

We have a 4’x5′ canvas sitting in our basement waiting for our “real” attempt.


Canvas [whatever size your little heart desires–we got ours for under $10 at Michael’s]

Acrylic paint

1/4″ painter’s tape [this was a bitch to find, but Menards had it–local hardware store]

Paint brushes


1.  Tape off different angles.


2. Paint! I think part of the trick is planning out the color scheme beforehand.  We just went at it.

3. Let it dry completely to avoid any paint bleeding.



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