tis the season…

…to buy clearance gardening things. BUY ALL THE THINGS!

Ok, I got this idea off of my favorite blog.  Just two beautiful ladies, creating beautiful things.

Now is definitely the time to jump on this.  Three reasons:

1. You’ll be all ready for next spring.

2. You can use them inside over the winter to add some color.

3. Terra Cotta pots are practically free right now. [I believe mine were around $.30 for the smaller ones and $.50 for the larger one.]


1. Terra Cotta pots.

2. Acrylic Paint

3. Paint brushes

4. Plants

**Optional: Painter’s tape; I used some to make my lines straight**


1. Tape off your design, I choose color blocking because I liked the look.  Next time I’ll probably try something more creative.

2. Paint each section allowing it to dry in between.

3. Put that darling little plant in its home and enjoy! [I don’t technically have plants yet…most of them looked pretty sickly this late in the year.]





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