homemade stamps & wrapping paper

This post is a “toofer.” [for all you “30 Rock” fans]

When I was little I remember my mom wrapping my friends’ gifts in old comics newspaper. I mean, what kid doesn’t want a gift wrapped in colorful, politically charged comics?

I decided this weekend I wanted to make my own wrapping paper out of paper grocery bags.

**Another option for these decorated bags is to use them as book covers.**


-paper grocery bags [A local grocery store is “bag it yourself” so I went all ninja and slid a couple extra in with my groceries. It’s the little things, people. The little things.]

-craft foam [I bought a pack of 50 at Target for $3.]

-low heat hot glue gun

-wooden blocks [I bought off brand “Jenga” for $3-$4.]

-paint of some sort [Stamp pads are optional as they can get costly.]

-wrapping tissue paper [Target had packs in their $1 section.]


1. Cut out shapes, letters or whatever your heart desires from the craft foam.  Keep in mind the size of your wooden blocks.

2. Glue said foam shapes onto your wooden blocks.  I had a lot of shapes that wouldn’t fit on just one block, so I glued them together as needed.

I may have gone a bit overboard…

3. Next you’ll want to cut your paper bags open and flatten them out.

4. Once you have your bags cut open and tissue paper laid out, start stamping! [Make sure you have scrap paper under your tissue paper just in case paint soaks through.]

When it was all said and done, I would recommend not using acrylic paint.  They turned out fine, but splurging for a couple stamp pads may have been easiest.

The bright side is that I had way too much fun making stamps that can be used for many other projects.


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