We like to party. We like, we like to party.

This post is long overdue. 

My friend Rayna moved away at the end of August, and I threw her a going away party.

We planned on having a backyard BBQ, and I wanted to find some cool decorations.

I’m going to save you some time.  There are no cool decorations at party stores.  Well, not in Fargo, North Dakota at least.

I decided to make my own– for a fraction of the cost too.

Bunting banners have become popular lately. 

Baby shower? Bunting banner.

Birthday? Bunting banner. 

Graduation? Bunting banner.

Going away party? Bunting banner.

I’ve seen some really neat ones hand sewn out of funky patterned cloth. 

a. I can’t sew.

b. I had a very limited amount of time and money to spend on this banner.

I went to a craft store, picked up some neat scrapbook paper and went to town!


Scrapbook paper [I used 2 sheets; under a $1 a piece]

Cardboard [I used an old cereal box]



**I used old newspaper I grabbed from a coffee shop as part of my banner.**



1. Cut out a triangle template from cardboard

2. Trace triangles on the newspaper and scrapbook paper.


4. Tape said triangles to twine.




This was super easy, super cheap and it now hangs in my kitchen.



One thought on “We like to party. We like, we like to party.

  1. As being a chef and restaurant proprietor… Innovation is the key to success no matter the scale in which it impresses.. Love the banner! Great idea and better yet, impressive innovation! Good job, thank you for sharing. Cheers!

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