some of the best things in life are free.

My friend Kristen and her husband Gabe moved to Boise earlier this year and in an attempt to lessen the annoyance that is moving, they were giving away some of their belongings.

I saw this piece and knew I had to have it. Plus, they were giving it away for free. FREE, I say!

I’m not sure what it was used as, so if you can offer any insight, I’ll take it.

It was missing a door or two when I got it, so I decided to color block the inside.

Old, kick ass furniture

-Paint **I used leftover paint from my Chevron Rug project and from an old bedroom**


-Gather necessary supplies

-Open a nice Cab and pour yourself a glass

-Paint away! **Sorry for the poor quality of this photo, it was from my phone**

Orange and green wouldn’t have been my first choice, but having them sitting around worked out well.  I also think they do this retro piece justice.

My old/new shelf-thinga-ma-bob is one of my favorite pieces in my living room.  I’m not sure if it is because it’s funky and fun or because it was free.

Now I just need to find more stuff to put in it…



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